About Us


img014Fourteen years ago a punk rock sixteen year old boy asked out a bubbly fourteen year old cheerleader on stage at one of his shows. Five years ago those babes got married and had so much fun at their own wedding that they wanted to keep the party going! (Those two babes are us, by the way. All caught up now? Okay good!) We are Tim & Merrill. Hey. We are classic rock loving, travel addicted vegetarians that name dogs we see on the street, talk to each other in weird voices, and sing about what we are doing as we are doing it. Tim lives his life according to Seinfeld and Merrill according to Jane Austen. It's funny how perfectly that works out. 

We have five years of wedding photography experience together (we used to be known as Sweet Little Photographs) plus Tim has an MFA in photography (and almost ten years experience photographing editorial portraits, musicians, travel stories, and fine art). Because of that we are much more than this new wave of post-Instagram wedding photographers. We bring a high level of experience and professionalism to all of our shoots. We come prepared for anything, roll with the punches, and have a freaking blast. Seriously, try to stop Merrill from dancing at your wedding. And try to keep Tim away from the cake. Maybe it's our laid back California vibe or the fact that we’re just awesome, but we don’t need strict timelines or weddings where everything goes according to plan… because none do! We’re there for you and ready for whatever happens. We like to capture the event as it unfolds naturally, rather than staging a production that feels forced. We want to keep the wedding about you, not about us or our notions of what your wedding should be. It is your wedding after all, right?


We think differently about weddings. Being married is amazing, and getting married is the shit! We don't feel like there is any reason to do what you may think you are supposed to do. Go ahead and wear a gold sequined gown, have your bridesmaids in an eclectic array of rainbow colors, have a Man of Honor or a Best Woman! Whether you have 200 people attending or just 2, if you stay true to who you are it’s going to kick ass! We’d love to photograph your glamorous same-sex rooftop wedding or your crazy party elopement in Vegas or Atlantic City. Or even your incredible beach wedding in Bali (seriously…hit us up for that one!) Or what about having it in February on the snowy beaches of Montauk? Even if your wedding isn't anything crazy or out of the ordinary, we want to be there. No matter what you’re going for you can be damn sure the photos we capture will be awesome!


Sound like who you are and what you are looking for? Let's chat and maybe grab some coffee or a couple margaritas. Our treat.

We are based in New York for 2015 weddings but back in Southern California for 2016 and beyond. But we LOVE to travel!

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